Creative self expression is the most important aspect of a child’s development. A child must be able to express his or her feelings, emotions, thoughts, and creativity in an environment of respect, love, and compassion for their dynamic growth and individuality.

Allowing them to express their creative instincts using any of the creative forms fosters essential skills in them and it also helps in learning. Creative Self Expression help children articulate their thoughts and feelings spontaneously.

Psychologists and therapists recommend that creativity is one of the most enlightening and though-provoking experiences of a child’s life. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings.

Benefits of Creative Self Expression

Helps in expressing their inner side

Gives child their own zone or freedom

Releases stress

Fills with sense self satisfaction

Leads to accomplishing goals

Helps in being innovative

Makes child a life long learner

Instills self confidence

Helps in problem solving

Check the Creative type in your child

-What does your child like to do most?

-Which type of classes does your child enjoy the most?

-What is your child’s favorite? It could be anything. You can get a clue from that.

-Sometimes that expression is hidden, we as parents or teachers need to discover it.

Encouraging kids to have their own style

Dancing– Any kind of structured movement is the expression of their creativity. Encourage them to perform their talent not only as an extra curricular activity, but also as a medium of overall growth.

Building- Provide your child with the material and see their imagination come to life. Accompany the younger ones and see how far they take you with their imagination.

Writing- Writing on prompts, journal writing, or any kind of participation in writing contests open up kids to express their opinion, logics, thoughts and feelings in this creative form.




Drawing- Children draw what they think and feel, so provide them with supplies and encourage them to create their own masterpiece.

Crafting- Let your child to explore the world of art and craft through paint, paper, cardboard, glue, popsicle sticks and more. Children can come up with a lots of new ideas, stories, and many beautiful crafty things.

Cooking- This was a less rated activity few years ago, but now this has become a favorite creative activity among kids. Simple recipes with fireless cooking is an engaging activity as well as an important life skill.

Do you know that kids learn a lot of life skills when they cook?

Or any other activity that brings out your child’s creative expression in a similar way should be encouraged by parents and teachers as well.

Encourage them!

  1. Don’t judge your child. Let your child explore her talents unrestrained and comfortably.
  2. Encourage and praise your child for being an individual.
  3. Accompany your child for an accountable companionship.
  4. Keep the atmosphere according to their activity, for the free flow of their creative juices.
  5. Be spontaneous to show your child that any type of expression is much fun!


Coming Next…Stages of Creative Process & How to Develop it


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels