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Welcome to Our Own Kids E Magazine!

In 2016 (Shanghai) when the idea of publishing an E-Magazine struck my mind, I unhesitatingly decided to follow that idea with my heart and mind. Being an educator and a life coach, my aim was to bring LEARNING to the children, and to develop in them a strong foundation of self-awareness, organization, responsibility, and inner motivation to succeed in school, college, and beyond. Since then Our Own Kids E magazine became a medium of creative expression and participation for parents, teachers and children. We started this magazine on the website of Bhartiya Community for the first year, but soon the magazine got its own website. We were the proud magazine to get the best wishes of our then Consul General, Mr. Prakash Gupta. Click Here.

Now in 2022, we are in Pune, India and wish to root Our Own Kids E Magazine here with its wings spread all over the world.

The goal of this magazine is to cover a variety of life skills that are essential for children’ overall development. It also  provides parents and other caretakers with knowledge and information about these skills, so they can support and direct their children’s progress and growth.

And, it is the duty and responsibility of us as parents, educators, experts and thinkers to see that our kids are learning about the life and its skills by doing our bit.

Since I started this magazine, I kept on meeting with creative, lovely and wonderful people who supported me in my objective. Kids and adult writers & artists contributed the content for the magazine. Sponsors, supporters and friends of OOKEM were always by our side. I am so proud of them, and here I thank them from the depth of my heart. 

I also want to mention my Seekers, my Scribblers and my Designers without whom the magazine would’t have been so wonderful as it is today. They are the true epitome of team work. Thank you darlings!

So let’s make this magazine a medium for all the life skills that are important for our children’s physical, psychological, and emotional development.

Our Own Kids E Magazine looks forward to your valuable participation as a reader and writer! You can submit your work HERE

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Sheela & Team

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