Do you know why parents are early educators of their children? Parents have an impact on children’s fundamental beliefs, opinions, attitudes, or behaviors that result in the carving of their personality likewise.

Studies suggest that the early moral development of children may be influenced by parents’ empathy towards others’ feelings. When your child begins learning, they observe and mimic everything you do, including your actions, behaviour, and beliefs. For this reason, it’s vital for parents to be good role models for their growing kids.

The support of family relationships can help a person manage stress, adopt better habits, think clearly and boost their self-esteem.

  • To cultivate a compatible and healthy relationship with your child, guide and nurture them with love when they are small, but when they grow up, treat them as equals.
  • Think about your life experiences and knowledge of your parents, and you will agree that it was all useful for you to become a whole individual!

Like many other parents, my parents also taught me through everyday examples. Their gentle nature and disciplined attitude educated me on how to be a balanced individual. I saw them responding very well in every situation of the life. Today, I can deal gracefully in different life situations because I saw my parents always doing so. Family ties that are strong and close help your children in being confident about their priorities in life.

  • Always be an example for your child and act in the manner in which you would have your child behave. Children are more influenced by what they see you doing than by what you say.
  • Give your child a good explanation whenever you respond differently to a certain situation. Avoid lecturing the child in order to teach morals and values. Realistic implementation and explanation have a lasting impact on children so be reasonable and fair.

Let’s not forget that our children look up to us, so it’s our responsibility to be a good role model for them. Also we must make sure that we (parents) at home and teachers in school must create an atmosphere for the children where they respect the essence of simplicity, focus, self esteem and live in alignment with their values.

Happy parenting!


Picture courtesy: Pexel Images

Disclaimer – This article is a personal view of the author.