THE KIDNAPPED PRINCESS- Part 1  (Story so far…)

The Kidnapped Princess- Part 2

“King Derris, Princess Lumina has been kidnapped so can you please tell us where you were

at 11:30pm last night,” explained Ruthvi.
“I was at a late night ball that lasted till 2:00am,” bragged King Derris. “Any proof?” asked Ruhi.
“I have proof,” said King Derris.

He quickly got a camera.
“See this photo is from yesterday 11:30pm,” said King Derris proudly.

“Detective Ruhi I found a bracelet and some muddy finger prints!” shouted Ruthvi.

“Scan the fingerprints and give me the bracelet!” commanded Ruhi.
Ruthvi quickly scanned the fingerprints.
After a while the results came out….. the fingerprints were………… QUEEN TIFFANY’S! Meanwhile Ruhi asked Queen Lacie

“Whose bracelet is this?”

“Ummm ummm this is… Queen Tiffany’s traditional bracelet!” said Queen Lacie surprisingly.

“Are you sure?” asked Ruhi.
“I am a 100% sure,” replied Queen Lacie.
“This clearly tells us that Queen Tiffany kidnapped Princess Lumina,” said Ruhi

Just then Ruthvi shouted

“Detective Ruhi come up!”

“Coming!” replied Ruhi. Ruhi ran to Princess Lumina’s

“Queen Tiffany did it,” said Ruthvi.
“I know Queen Lacie told me the bracelet is Queen Tiffany’s,”
“Let’s go get Queen Tiffany and bring her to the castle,” said Ruhi quickly. “Ok,” said Ruthvi.

When they came back Queen Tiffany was with them. Then Queen Lacie stood up and shouted

“Where is my daughter, give Lumina back!”
“I don’t have your daughter!” shouted Queen Tiffany.
“Tell the truth we found your fingerprints,bracelet,and you were acting suspiciously before,”

said Ruhi angrily.
“Oh fine,” said Queen Tiffany.
“I did kidnap Lumina because Cloudia is very rich and my kingdom Caterfield is poor,” said

Queen Tiffany.

“What?” asked Queen Lacie surprisingly.

“We don’t forgive you, please take her,”said Queen Lacie stubbornly. So a guard took Queen Tiffany to a detective agency.
Suddenly Princess Lumina came into the castle.

“Mom!” yelled Lumina happily.
“Lumina,” exclaimed Queen Lacie.
“Oh are you okay?” asked Queen Lacie.
“I’m fine mom,” said Lumina.
“Oh good,” said Queen Lacie.
“Detective Ruhi and Ruthvi please stay here for a little celebration because Lumina is back,”

said Queen Lacie.
“Ok,” said Ruhi and Ruthvi.

Then they had juice, food, and a fun moment of talking.



Picture Courtesy: Google Images