VOICE OF WOMEN, CHINA an online group of women, organised a cookery contest where children participated from the comfort of their homes. During the contest, that was conducted over a period of four weeks, kids sent their videos of their personal introduction and showed their skills at fireless cooking. They were assisted by their mothers at all times and the main focus was on their confidence in presenting healthy recipes.
Their participation was judged on the basis of the uniqueness of their recipes and presentation of the dishes. Kids made videos where they freely talked about their recipes and presentation. The aim of this contest was to enhance the speaking skills of the participants and overcome their shyness of facing the camera. This also helped in boosting their confidence as junior chefs and tap their hidden talent.
Our Own Kids E-Magazine interviewed the Winner of VOW Junior Master Chef 2019, Saina Lalwani, who is the cutest little chef overloaded with talent and enthusiasm. She also shared the videos of her favorite recipes for the readers of Our Own Kids E-Magazine!
OOKEM :Please introduce yourself to the readers of Our Own Kids E-Magazine.
SAINA :Hello to all the readers of E-Magazine, my name is Saina Lalwani , I am 6 year old studying in Shaoxing International School (SIS ) in Keqiao , Shaoxing City .
OOKEM :How did you get interested in Vow Junior Master Chef Contest?
SAINA :Last year my mother joined a WeChat group ,named VOW , since then i have participated in many activities under the kids club , it was then i saw Vow master chef for women and when i came to know that there is Junior Master Chef Contest coming up and i wanted to be a part of it.
OOKEM : What was your experience during the contest?
SAINA : Me and my mom had a wonderful journey throughout the competition , it was a great learning experience , not only i learnt recipes of my fellow friends but also learnt new values like sharing , cheering and encouraging regardless of loosing or winning .

OOKEM : What were the challenges that you faced while making the cookery videos?

SAINA : Making the videos was a joint effort between me and my mother , we use to make the videos on weekend as i had regular school on weekdays , which gave us very little time to make the videos and edit it and put it all together in a limited time frame as per rules.

OOKEM : How much has the participation in VOW JMC contest added to your cooking skill?

SAINA : It has made me smart enough to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food , also it has encouraged me to try more flameless cooking under the guidance of my parents.

OOKEM : Who was your favourite co contestant during Vow JMC Contest?

SAINA : I enjoyed the videos of all my fellow contestants , but my favorite contestant was Simran Tilwani.

OOKEM : What is it like being the winner of a cookery contest?

SAINA : I am very happy to have won this contest and i would like to thank all the judges , Aunty Sheela , Aunty Komal  Aunty Neetu and the Team of  VOW who chose me as the winner. It will always be VOW moment for me.

OOKEM : For a contestant who wants to participate in the next season, what is one piece of advice?

SAINA : Never fear that you will fail , always try and give your best without thinking about the result , what matter most is participation as it help us to gain knowledge.

OOKEM : Is there anything that you would like to add ?
SAINA :I would like to thank Aunty Pooja and Aunty Shweta for creating such a wonderful group .

OOKEM : Thank you Saina, for this lovely talk! Wish you all the best!
SAINA : Thank you for this opportunity!

Check the videos of Saina’s Recipes!