Dear readers,

Since a few decades, with the emergence of technology, reading has lost its readers to various devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has really become hi-tech, and people are so indulged in their own zones that if we talk about reading culture everyone finds it frivolous. This is not a trivial matter, but a matter of serious concern. Our kids who have never tasted the flavour of reading pleasure, how will they know about it without a guiding force? Therefore, we parents/teachers/educators have to take this responsibility for the sake of our kids.

Our younger generation finds reading as a boring task, they read out of compulsion which can never turn them into good readers. In this scenario, Our Own kids E Magazine is an initiative that help kids in becoming engaged and motivated readers & writers. We also commend similar attempts that have been done by others for the overall development of the kids, and we heartily appreciate them for their work because it is the joint responsibility of everyone to create an atmosphere where our reading culture should stand like a rock.

Happy Reading!

Sheela k Kumar