Photography & Kids…when I was planning to write an article for this issue, having read something very interesting after doing a bit of research, I thought I dedicate some time to write on some advice on photography for kids. After-all it’s a great hobby to have!
Photography is like any art, it’s in the way you choose to capture a moment, the way you perceive a subject and the way you choose to make it look to the outside world through your own eyes. Like any art, when we learn too much about it, it kills some of the fun and playfulness that make images special, unique and “art” in its own right.

*Teach kids to EXPERIMENT the number of ways they can take shots, let their imagination run wild! shoot from different perspectives (high/low), take close shots and step back for wider angle shots, move around the subject and shoot from different sides, and most importantly, have fun with backgrounds/settings! Wise words I recently heard were ‘insanity would be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’…I thought this would be perfect to describe how frustrating it would be for a child to want to get different results if he/she approaches his subject in much the same way with every shot, because surely he will end up with similar results.

*Teach kids to CHECK THEIR BACKGROUNDS because this can lead to there being too many distractions that take away from the actual shot. They may end up with shots with all kinds of objects growing out of the heads of those/things they are trying to photograph.

*Teach kids o HOLD CAMERA STRAIGHT and give them a lesson on securing their camera to help them get clear ‘shake-free’ images!

*Teach kids how to ZOOM IN because getting in close can certainly capture the detail of a subject. BUT also don’t forget to teach them to use their legs to move closer so they can achieve the same result.

*Teach kids to TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES because it’s a great way to learn different techniques of photography. This is not meaning to say you will encourage them to take 1000 shots of exactly the same thing, but to encourage them to experiment with lots of different shots over time and in turn you may notice their photography skills improve. Practice makes perfect.

*Teach kids to get the right BALANCE between taking pictures of people and places and perhaps reflect back to them that they think about different types of photography. It’s important to help them explore and experiment the different subjects.

*Teach kids to FOCUS ON POINT OF INTEREST before hitting the shutter. Discussing this with them might even lead you to get them to think about ‘how to highlight’ it, either by positioning themselves, their zoom etc. Also reviewing your children’s images with them to affirm them with what they’ve done well and to point out things that they could do better next time to improve their results. Positive reinforcement of shots they do well will serve as inspiration to keep going with their hobby.

*Teach kids about the EXPOSURE SETTINGS because once they learn their camera’s settings, as these settings can impact a photo. They will feel more confident and comfortable in using their camera which in turn means they will have more fun with it. It all starts with it being a happy hobby for them which can lead to something more later on…