VOICE OF WOMEN, CHINA an online tribe of women, organised a cookery contest where children participated from the comfort of their homes. During the contest that was conducted over a period of four weeks, kids sent their videos of their personal introduction and showed their skills at fireless cooking. They were assisted by their mothers at all times and the main focus was on their confidence in presenting healthy recipes.
Their participation was judged on the basis of the uniqueness of their recipes and presentation of the dishes. Kids made videos where they freely talked about their recipes and presentation. The aim of this contest was to enhance the speaking skills of the participants and overcome their shyness of facing the camera. This also helped in boosting their confidence as junior chefs and tap their hidden talent.
Our Own Kids E-Magazine interviewed the second runner up of VOW Junior Master Chef 2019, Akshita Agarwal, who found this contest so inspiring that she wishes to create her own Cookbook in future. She also shared the videos of her favorite recipes for the readers of Our Own Kids E-Magazine!

OOKEM: Hello, please introduce yourself to the readers of Our Own Kids E-Magazine.

AKSHITA: Hello! My name is Akshita Agrawal. I am 10 years old and I live in Shanghai. I am participant number 15 of Junior Master Chef contest organised by VoW group. I was lucky to be chosen as 2nd runner up of the contest.

OOKEM: How did you get into cooking?

AKSHITA: I have always loved cooking and seeing my mom cook new recipes. As I grew, I used to help her in kitchen and also observe on how she is cooking. I used to also cook some simple recipes for our family and everyone used to like them.

OOKEM: How was your whole journey of VOW JMC contest?

AKSHITA: My journey through VOW JMC was awesome. I learnt a lot throughout. I had lots of fun preparing the dishes and making the videos. Also, I made so many new friends and learnt so many new recipes from them. It was really great to participate in such a wonderful event.

OOKEM: How much has the participation in VOW JMC contest added to your cooking skill?

AKSHITA: I have learnt few new recipes now after participating in the contest. I have definitely improved on my presentation skills as it was a great forum to learn. It has inspired me to create my own cook book.

OOKEM: What has been your favorite or funniest moment while participating in JMC contest?

AKSHITA: My favourite moment was getting a personalised mug with my picture on it. It was a really awesome surprise !!

OOKEM: What are your best tips to kids for their own healthy eating?

AKSHITA: I would like to tell kids not to eat junk food and should eat healthy snacks instead. Drink lots of natural juices in this summer season and stay healthy!!

OOKEM: Is there anything you would like to add?

AKSHITA: I would like say thank you again to all the Judges and aunties who have put in so much effort for this contest.

OOKEM: Thank you Akshita for your lovely answers!
AKSHITA: My pleasure! Thank a lot!

Check the videos of Akshita’s Recipes!