Dear participants,
We congratulate you all because your enthusiastic participation was the main attraction of this contest. All the amazing dads and kids, just through a selfie, expressed a permanent impression of their lovely relationship. That was awesome! Each and every selfie undoubtedly is a winner in itself. 
Somnath, Sarthak & Eashan
Ankur & Chaitanya
Uday Kumar and kid
Manish & Avyansh
Ramaswami, Rasika and Rathika
Dad & Oorjitha
Rajan & Jithin
Thavakumar, Dhanya and Deekshitha
Anshul Agrawal, Akshita and Aaradhya
Subranil & Aarush
Sagar and Kid
Mukul and Yathartha Singh
Sudhakar and Dia
Vineet & Divya Goyal
Swapnil and Riddhima
Sudhakar and Ishani
Sunny, Rishabh and Roopashi
Sujith with Shreyansh Menon
Sagar & Pranali sheth
Sumit & Anaisha

Now let’s find out the judges’ decision

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P.S.- Judgement was done on the basis of picture quality, naturalness, background, angle and expressions…