I look out the window

To only see water droplets racing, each other

I look out the window

Feeling that the rain is taking out all the happiness

And soaking in all the sadness into me

I try thinking of something joyful

But one thought leads to another and I’m left in sorrow

But when you come out of that oven

Sweet and smiling

Your color is a rainbow ready to burst out into the sky

You’re soft

But crunchy

Because of chocolate chips jumping inside like kangaroos

That’s why I always believe

When stress and in doubt

Just cupcake it out!

-Roopashi Dagar

The poem I have written is a beatnik inspired poem, since in that era the beatniks would go in cafés and perform poems.

I wrote about cupcake which is usually served in a  cafe, and added a little bit of my style into it.