God could not be everywhere so He made mothers. Among the many vital roles a mom plays, taking care of the nutritional requirements of the kids is a very important one. Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and well being across the lifespan. Inspite of the best of efforts, making children eat healthy Food in optimum quantities is a daunting task for most mothers.

A mother is the best judge of WHAT n HOW of their child’s food requirements. Here would like to mention a few points to make this process easy and funfilled. Firstly Would like to suggest replacing high carb foods with more healthy options wherever n whenever you can maintaing the kids friendly taste.(taking care of the daily carbohydrate needs of your children.) In todays diet already need of calories n carbs are met automatically. This replacement done wisely can meet their proteins, vitamins n minerals need upto some extent. For e.g you can replace potatoes of pav bhaji with zuchini or bottle guord,also you can knead the dough of paratha with a blend of boiled pulses n vegetables instead of only water.In this case leftover Subzis n dal would also work.

Secondly you can resolve to add more colors to your kids plate e.g add red color by adding raw half cut cherry tomatoes to their pasta.To understand what exactly I mean here, pls refer to the below given link*. You can relate these colors everyday with their favourite superhero or cartoon character color.

And Last but not the least is the easiest effective way of making children eat is playing with shapes. You can vary the shapes of breads you make, I remember a friend making dosas of alphabet shape .  Cut fruits in different shapes and ask your little angels to sort n eat or you can scoop all fruits to present fruits spheres.

I have given just Very few ideas and examples but I am very sure of all you supermoms that while reading this article you must have generated plenty of ideas to make your nutritional journey with your kids super fun filled n satisfying. Together we MOMS should try our best to make tomorrow’s generation a Very Happy n healthy one.