The rising bondman

A book by Rishabh Dagar

Quick Summary:

This book, really more than anything else, is my way of giving back to my country, and more notably my grandfather. When I was contemplating whether or not to write this book, around a year ago, I was genuinely worried about whether or not I would have enough research to back everything up. As a large majority of the information that is available regarding British India is written by people of foreign descent. However, as time progressed so did my research, and I ended up finding and using lots of data, ranging from maps to written records and even speeches.

However, all that is not really the key take away I got from this experience/opportunity, what I really took away from all this was how far we have come as not only children of a nation located above the Indian Ocean, but how far we have come as children of this “Nation” known as Earth. Just a little more than half a century ago, things were downright brutal and unforgiving. My book is the tale of this brutal and unforgiving world the British had forcefully established in India, through the lens of the son of an ordinary man. And I promise you, that you will learn something that you did not know, after reading this book. After reading 60 pages that redefined the last 300 years.

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