“Where is princess Lumina!” shouted Pearly.

“She’s gone,”cried Queen Lacie.
“Call Detective Ruhi this instant!” yelled the minister.

Mary called Ruhi Gianchandani. Suddenly, a voice called
“Hi I am Ruhi Gianchandani and this is my sidekick Ruthvi Munta,”

Then Queen Lacie stood up and cried “Find my daughter! Find Lumina!”

Nobody at the castle could calm Queen Lacie down. Everybody in the kingdom tried to find the princess but they couldn’t find her.
Then Ruthvi fell on the ground and then she started to sob.
“ Wah hun ehe ehe,” sobbed Ruthvi.

“Your majesty could you please tell us what happened?” asked Ruthvi still sobbing.

“Last night I went to Lumina’s bedroom to check if she slept. She was there that time but when Pearly went to give her breakfast she was not there,” explained Queen Lacie.

What time did you go to Princess Lumina’s bedroom?” asked Ruthvi.

“At 11:30pm,”answered Queen Lacie.
As Detective Ruhi was writing all the information down on a book she said

“I think the princess is kidnapped because it is not possible for her to just disappear overnight.”

Suddenly Ruthvi hid behind Detective Ruhi because she was frightened.

“I have 3 suspects,” said Queen Lacie.
“Tell us!” exclaimed Ruthvi excitedly.
“My first suspect is Queen Tiffany because she is kind of astonished and jealous of our gold

but she’s still a nice friend. My second suspect is a normal villager called Kort Lortasa because he does bad things to get money. Finally my third suspect is King Derris because he always loses wars against us and he gets so mad,” exclaimed Queen Lacie.

“Great let’s go find them,”said Ruthvi enthusiastically.

“Thank you your highness,” said Ruhi. They quickly left.

Then Ruhi bragged
“I am the best at solving mysteries and crimes. I will do everything but you just help me alright Ruthvi,”

First they went to Queen Tiffany and asked her
“Where were you last night at 11:30pm?”
“Why? What happened?” asked Queen Tiffany.
“Princess Lumina has been kidnapped,” Ruthvi said sadly.
“I-I-I was a-at a-a p-p-p-par-party yeah a party,” said Queen Tiffany suspiciously. “Ok,” said Ruhi.

Then they left to go to Kort Lortasa’s house. As they were going Ruhi said thoughtfully “Queen Tiffany behaved so suspiciously don’t you think,”
“I think so to,” said Ruthvi.

Kort and his mom came out.

“What happened?” asked Kort.

“Princess Lumina is kidnapped so can you tell us where you were last night at 11:30pm,” explained Ruhi.

“I was with my mom for the past few days,” said Kort kindly. Suddenly Ruhi and Ruthvi looked at Kort’s mom and asked

“Is he telling the truth?”
Yes indeed. I am very ill and so he’s taking care of me,” said Kort’s mom. “Ok. Thank you. Hope you get well soon,” said Ruthvi.

Then they went to king Derris.

Story to be continued in the next Issue ….
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