Oh this stress!

Have you ever felt like you want a shoulder to cry on, or a big warm hug to ward off all your problems? This feeling is called stress, and we all kids go through this some time or the other.

Stress can be very disturbing. For example: You have a science fair tomorrow and you didn’t even prepare anything. Its like that. You feel hopeless and you cant do any thing, all you can do is to worry about it. Yeah, its pretty cruel. Your head hurts and you just wish that all your problems just vanish away. Well, that ain’t gonna happen. You have to find a solution as soon as possible. Let me help you by giving some basic information about stress.

There are 2 types of stress. Chronic stress, and Acute stress.

Acute stress is not that bad. It’s like the stress when someone dares you to ski down a hill and you say no, but a part of you wants to say yes. You are scared that you might fall and get hurt. It’s exciting but dangerous. You react immediately to it. Acute stress is very short termed, it doesn’t last long. Acute stress can bring stomachaches and headaches. A solution to this is to just take a deep breath 3 times and say the ABC’s backwards. Try to remove it out of thought and just relax. You can think about the good things that happened in the day. These solutions can help you fight Acute stress.

Acute stress is short-termed while Chronic stress is long termed. Chronic stress gets into your thought and bothers you. It’s like when you have to write a 4,000 word essay by today and you still haven’t even written a letter. You can only worry about it. I have experienced this many times and I know how this feels. You feel guilty and hopeless. It is VERY chaotic. You feel very angry about your-self and regret what you do. Chronic stress is mostly in teenagers. When you are stressed, your heart beat is faster, your blood rate is higher and you start sweating. Stress triggers a hormone called the adrenaline which affects your brain. Your knees will start shaking and you will feel nervous. Chronic stress affects your health a lot. It can bring many diseases and sicknesses. If you face such type of stress then it is a good idea to see the school counselor and talk to your parents.

Stress is very bothering and worrying, but now after reading this article, I hope you know how you can relieve stress and what you can do. That also solves the case of my science fair!

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