Storytelling has been an integral part of our lives, we live with the stories and we love to be the stories. Since ages stories are being used by families and educators to transfer life skills, teachings and wisdom to children and grown-ups.

Storytelling has gained a very special place in today’s era since its benefits started showing up while using it as a modern approach for learning. Not only kids, adults also need this methodology as an essential tool in their day to day life.

It would be totally wrong if said that storytelling is an affair related to learning only, it is an art that develops many life skills that are less focused otherwise.

As far as the art of storytelling for children is concerned, we must not forget that we educators and parents are the ones who have to step forward to integrate it into our kids’ lives for their betterment.

Benefits of storytelling

Storytelling instils wisdom in children. All stories directly or indirectly deliver a moral message to us, and this can develop virtue in children by a regular practice.

It helps in learning well because children often learn without understanding the subject. Storytelling can help children enjoy and better understand what they are reading. This helps them in learning their subjects in a much more interesting way.

Various skills are enriched through storytelling, besides the basic academics storytelling helps enrich other skills such as communication, reasoning, problem-solving etc which are essential for a balanced and fulfilled life.

It develops imagination and creativity of the storyteller and listener. On the description of the storyteller, listeners imagine the whole scenario and somehow find themselves transported to that world created by their imagination. In fact, a synchronisation is developed between them if the storyteller is an expert.

Stories increase our awareness. Stories of any genre are able to impart a wide range of knowledge to the listeners as they represent that particular field and facts related to it.

We all love to listen and tell stories, therefore every- what, where, how, when and why begins a story… everyday story!


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Picture courtesy: Pexel and Google Images