Do you know how to set your goals?

Actually, many of us don’t even think of goal setting as a skill, we generally do it without reflecting on it. However, goal setting is a practice that enables us to follow our dreams in an easy to follow way.

To enable a child to grow up as a good person, it is important for parents and teachers to help them identify their goals thoughtfully and proceed with a proper action plan to achieve them fully.

Our aim should be to equip them with a strong navigation system, which will guide them as they go through life.


  1. Write down your goals on a piece of paper.

  2. Create an action plan for each goal.

  3. Read your goals daily in the morning and imagine yourself achieving them. This encourages you to believe in yourself.

  4. Check your progress to see if you are working according to your action plan.

  5. Revise your action plan if needed.

  6. You have achieved your goal! It’s time to CELEBRATE!

Before you set your goals try to make them SMART Goals!