Throwback post

Do you know that kids learn a lot of life skills when they cook?

Life skills are the valuable lessons children will use throughout their lifetime. So why shouldn’t they learn to handle real-world situations at an early age.These life skills for kids help them grow into confident and self-sufficient adults.

The first step in getting kids comfortable in the kitchen is to make sure they have tools and gadgets that are safe and easy for them to use. An adult supervision is must at all the times.

Kids learn a lot when they help/cook in the kitchen:

  1. They learn about planning and patience.
  2. They get to to learn about nutrition.
  3. They also learn how to do the assigned work.
  4. They know the concepts related to science and math.
  5. It reinforces important lessons about staying safe.
  6. It turns out to be a great family time together.


Researches show that people who frequently cook at home eat healthier food than those who cook less. So if the kids are taught how to cook they will automatically learn about having healthy diet.

Happy fireless cooking!