Fair Play:

Movement of the shuttle,

Keenly determined to rise,

Had left me dazzled,

The rules remained tangled,

Which left the shuttle entangled,

Why was I so afraid,

I surely wasn’t getting paid,

The tension had succumbed the atmosphere,

Raising the competitive bar,

Continuous loss to the opponent,

Had already foreshadowed my loss,

Gripping tightly to the racket,

Sweat drops trickling from time to time,

I stood there questioning,

When will that point be mine?

Cooking Maniac:

Tortilla Quiche wins the round,

Tortilla Wraps is all we need,

with diced onions and capsicums to feed,

Chop handful of spinach with extreme speed,

Where’s the Cheese?

Which seemingly started to concede,


The Ham stood there with pure greed,

8 eggs chef,

please don’t forget to read!

Tunes Forgotten:

I felt lost within the cycle of school,

Forgetting the harmonious sounds of the Grand Piano,

The mechanism of hammers and strings,

Had the ability of repenting,

Repenting upon the divine critiques of music,

The unison synchronous voices within the orchestra,

Had enriched the significance of Thanksgiving,

An ease from the consuming academic years,

Had left me wondering with a single question,

What’s  the hidden secret of vocals,

That’s yet to be discovered?

Warriors I Believe:

Trees welcoming the winter breeze,

I stood there cold as steel,

How do these children enjoy?

In this fruitful joy,

Relaxation from all the essays,

Spending my time with the warriors,

Is truly glorious!

About the poet:

I’m Sarthak Bodhale studying Yr 10 in NAIS Pudong. My hobbies are Reading, Swimming , Cycling, and playing Basketball.