Dear Readers,

The weather is getting colder, but the holiday season is keeping us warm with all the festive elements around. There’s no exaggeration in saying that these Holidays feel like the soul of the year! Won’t it be awesome that we happily bid farewell to the past and at the same time hopefully welcome the future to take its place?

2020 is approaching with a whole lot of newness to believe in, and enter into. May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life.

I have a lovely news to share with you all! Upon the request of many of our kid and adult readers we are keeping our magazine open throughout the year. Keep sharing your views with us, it keeps us motivated and recharged.

We will update it with new content by the end of every month (Starting from March 2020) Links will be circulated as usual.

You can send in your writings or creative work anytime of the year…Details HERE

Enjoy your holidays with the amazing content of Our Own Kids E Magazine January 2020!

What have to planned special for this New Year? Or how was your 2019? We would love to hear from you! Send in your response to [email protected]

Happy Holidays!