What makes us feel empowered…Teachers?!!

WHAT IF we are so liberated that we feel free to try something completely new and different…
WHAT IF something new gives us such a sense of freedom, and complete focus that we can block out all the cares of this world…
WHAT IF we have the power to change our lives through teacher empowerment…

My childhood dream was to become a scientist. I moved towards the goal and completed my post graduation as a Forensic scientist. Later, I dedicated my life to teaching young budding scientists. When I started my career as a young teacher at a neighbourhood school, within a month, I got opportunity to participate in all school activities, including admissions and timetable planning. I was overwhelmed by the trust that was placed on me, and I decided to equip myself in various fields associated with my profession. I enjoyed as I evolved as a creative teacher, academic counsellor, and efficient administrator. Right from my schooling to teaching I empowered myself to become what I wished to be.

Most education systems are seeking better ways to prepare their learners for a world that’s constantly changing due to
technological advancements and digital revolution. Education systems that have succeeded in improving learner outcomes
show that the way forward is by making teachers the top priority. Embracing diversity with differentiated pedagogical
practices, harness evidence and research along with a shared vision is a quality of truly empowered educator.

Empowerment is self-discovery of strengths and skills and utilizing it for betterment of the society through various professions. Professionalism is the level of autonomy and internal regulation exercised by the member of an occupation in providing services to society. This requires strong support and training especially for teachers, both before and after they enter the profession, with new reforms of professional development to help teachers engage in more direct instruction and adapt to the needs of diverse classrooms. Grabbing an opportunity is a competence, leading by example is a decision, there is no dearth of talent, it is only the perception that is limited. Be wise to join hands in creating the best of talents for the future.

Our role in empowerment and its impact on nation building
Nation building is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

How do we achieve our empowerment goals?

 Make learning central, encouraging through engagement and responsibility.
 Be acutely sensitive to individual differences, provide formative assessment and constructive feedback.
 Be demanding for every student with high level cognitive activities
 Ensure that students feel valued and included as learning is collaborative effort of teacher and learner.
 Think beyond textbooks as the future is integration of subjects, integration of students, integration of learning context.
 Relate learning to real world context, preamble to the rich resources in the community and more project based than subject based.
 Build instructions from student passion and capacities and provide personalized learning.
 Believe that teaching is a well-informed profession with accountability and whole of system approach.

Empower yourself first to understand the role and eventually execute the role to benefit a progressive mind.
Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor
Let us be mentors, facilitators and guides and empower our students for a better future.

Nithya Vasu, Educator


Picture courtesy: Pexel Images