Do you know who is number 10 ..?
It’s Messyyy…!!
Tell me who’s number is 7 …..?
It’s Ronaldo…..!!
Now guess which is my favorite sport..?
Yes.., You are right
It’s non other than……
Football ….!!!!

I kick like Hazard …

I save like Oliver Kahn …

I tackle like Lacazette….

I bicycle kick like Ronaldo….

and  I score like Messi….

I like to talk about Football
I like to think of it.
I love to watch football matches.


The sea can be frustrated,
The sea can be explosive,
The sea can be splashy,
The sea can be destructive,
The sea can growl,
The sea can frown,
The sea can crash like an enemy fighting, and rocket crashing,
The sea can be shiny,
The sea can be surrounded,
The sea can be funky like a freaky cat,
The sea can bounce,
on the sand,
spreading water to the people,
like a giant water bazooka.