Problem-solving is one of the most important life skills for young people to learn. You cannot expect your children to come to you for assistance every time they encounter a problem. You could teach them how to deal with problems like mature adults.

Growing children face a lots of challenges at school, with friends and family members. They often face some situations that need reasoning, but our children who are naive to those situations end up as being aliens. 

We cannot expect them to solve those issues by themselves completely, but as parent/teacher we should teach/guide/encourage them to solve their problems calmly through problem solving step by step. 

How to solve a problem?

Parents can guide their children with the following steps:

  1. Calm down – take a deep breath first
  2. What is the problem- identify, what actually the problem is?
  3. What are the possible solutions- Brain storm and come up with few possible solutions
  4. What if those solutions are not fair- short list the solutions with what if they didn’t work
  5. What would be the effect of it? Would it be fair and safe? How would others feel?
  6. Choose the best solution and implement- out of those short listed ones choose the best solution and implement

* The roles of parents differ according to the kid’s age while guiding for problem solving.

Here step 1 and 2 are very important. In step 3 parents can help them by giving them options

The ability to make decisions and solve problems help kids become more independent and excel academically. It is also important for their mental health and well  being. Once they learn how to solve a problem they can practice it in different situations and can develop this skill overtime.



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