There was once a ship of pirates that had caught a courageous knight Charms, After a week later there was a devastating flood when the earth shook and it wiped…….Read more in   Part 1- Find of the Knight

PART 2- Thock Explorers

In the last part when the Defenders decided to team up with Charms, they battled against several enemies and won. They couldn’t defeat one enemy (Destroyers). Charms company helped the Defenders to gain victory over their enemies which they alone weren’t able to do it in the past. This made them curious about Charms so they went to Thock to find a historian friend.

While landing on Thock their engine burst so they jumped out of the ship just as it got burned. They landed safely by using a lifekingcer (a suit to protect from getting hurt). When they looked around all they saw were weird and different trees. “Where did we land,” asked Charms. They tried finding a way out of the place when they realized it was a forest. Instead of succeeding they got split up.

Soon a swarm of bees came and when they all were aboard they departed on them. After a while, there was windstorm against which the bees couldn’t stand a chance and they floated away. Only Gromstone, Waterwing, and Icewing could sustain the wind. The three that stayed helped the other remaining three. Soon wind got stronger and no one could stand a chance so they floated towards a city.

After they fell they got up and explored the city. They reached a restaurant and thought they could have a snack. They went in and saw people with only long legs and long necks. Icewing ordered the food.

After they finished eating they all said, “Oh! I am full.” When they were paying the money the owner gave it back and said, “We don’t take money here, you have pay by giving some important stuff.” So Charms gave one of his swords.

They continued on their journey and they saw a laboratory. They went in and found someone who they didn’t know so they guessed they went into the wrong one. They got out and found another laboratory. This time when they entered they found their friend. They greeted the historian by hugging him and asked, “Could you tell us Charms history?” The historian friend said, “Charms was given a suit and power by his parents that was undefeatable. That suit is invisible and embedded in his skin. He also has a good strategy that no one could defeat.”

After discovering his secret strength, Charms strength wanted to go back to Earth and take his land back from Edmos. So along with Defenders, Charms started the journey back to Earth.

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