by Mukta Narang (Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner)

A child is what you put into them. This is so true, and I’m sure as parents and guardians, we have the best interests of our child in mind. But knowingly or unknowingly our kids collect beliefs at a very young age and behave out of those beliefs throughout their lives.

A child is born with abundance; they are super confident and full of self esteem. Have you ever seen a child who is conscious when making a mess while eating or always smiling because people are watching. They can be anywhere from their bed to the big stage, playing, jumping or simply enjoying. So what goes wrong that all of a sudden they get stage fright which carries on to public speaking fear. The same child who was so free to do whatever in childhood now fears giving a presentation in front of a small team.

There are numerous examples here, but the fact remains that this child has surely experienced some event in his childhood which defines who he is now. The problem is that we always work on symptoms and never try to identify the root of the problem. Like for the above example, joining some public speaking workshops might work temporarily on the symptoms, but in the long run the problem persists. This is where Rapid transformation therapy(RTT) comes to aid.

RTT believes that everything we do arises from a core belief system that is deeply engraved in our subconscious mind. So if there is a problem, we dig deeper to identify that limiting belief that is creating the issue and then replace it with a much more powerful belief that is aligned to your goals.

RTT works wonders with kids. In fact it is observed that most of the issues in adulthood have the root cause somewhere in the childhood. During their childhood, kids build their framework and belief system which acts as a blueprint for them to follow. It is not the event that is the problem, but the meaning that we attach to it. As kids we operate more out of our feelings than logic. A very common problem we see with siblings at a young age, the elder one feeling jealous of the newborns. They are totally working from their feelings that mom is giving more attention to the baby so she loves the baby more. I don’t blame anyone here. They are acting age appropriate. We can’t expect them to apply logic then and understand that the baby needs more care, but mom loves both of them equally. But this event, if repeated frequently and not treated appropriately, may leave the child with a belief that they are not good enough for their mom.

Thus at a young age, we can use RTT to install powerful beliefs so that they grow up feeling confident, full of self esteem and knowing that they are enough. If as parents/guardians you feel that there is something your child needs to work upon: like nail biting, stage fear, exam anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of concentration or any unlikely behaviors- then you can surely try an RTT session. It is safe and gives fast and everlasting results. Most of the time, with kids, it just takes one session to see powerful transformation. I truly believe that the earlier you can catch the problem, the more years you save for a happy and fulfilling life.

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Picture courtesy: Pexel Images