It’s January 2020, and a perfect time to create my bucket list. I am going to put some interesting, some crazy and some wonderful things in my list. My mom says I create my own entertainment! Actually, when I am not allowed to use any of my digital devices I have to be creative with the things that I can do during my e fast. Hehe…

In 2020 I will:

Try: Eat something that I grow by myself

Go: Visit a farm and learn

Do: More kindness acts

Make: Cookies at home

Watch: All the episodes of Star Trek (original series)

Become: More forgiving

Enjoy: More time with my baby brother

Learn: Calligraphy

Create: Art piece using acrylic colors

This is not the end, I will add more to it, because I love doing all that I have written here!

What is in your Bucket list for 2020?


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Happy 2020 to the readers of OOKEM!