The first year of Our Own Kids Club has come to a successful end, and the second year is about to begin another grand year of learning, fun activities and gaining essential life skills.

I think it’s the right time to share my experiences, and I’ll start at the very beginning….

When I first came to Shanghai, I had a lot of apprehensions, reservations and questions! The few that were foremost on my mind were – how many Indians are there, can I meet them, and would there be any way Arya (my son and my sun – since my life pretty much revolves around him) can learn, have fun, meet Indian friends, and learn new things? The Bharatiya Community and Our Own Kids Club answered these questions – and how!

Our Own Kids Club introduced Arya to Zumba, baking, art, leadership skills, entrepreneurship and a ton of fun and good memories. Thanks to Mangai’s Baking Session, he makes his own oats chocolate balls and is kind enough to share them with me! He’s always loved to dance and Zumba reinforced that – we would love a few more sessions! Sheela’s session on Leadership Skills was a good start to teaching children the basic foundations of responsibility and keeping promises – especially those you make to yourself!

I would love more of these sessions.

And while Arya is having fun learning, I have fun talking to, and going out with, other moms – and it’s a day that’s well spent, for both of us!

The Christmas Party was amazing, to say the least! The quiz, the fancy dress, the decorations, and the feast were awesome!

Our Own Kids Club also gave Arya the opportunity to put up a stall for free at the Spring Festival! While he wasn’t too happy that he didn’t sell all his wares, he admitted that he learnt a lot about what sells and the power of good marketing. That was an enriching experience for me too!

We missed the outing and the Bollywood dance session, but I’m sure it would have been one for the Kids Club Hall of Fame!

Positive experiences make wonderful memories, and our association with Our Own Kid’s Club has been a great one! The focus is on teamwork, creativity, sportsmanship, and bringing out the best in children while encouraging them to have fun in the process. I’m looking forward to the second year, and I believe it’s going to be better than the first…