My School Project

For this project I chose the topic Srinivasa Ramanujan to research about since I wanted to do something related to breaking barriers in history. I came upon his name once in a book I was reading and when I got the opportunity of doing a project with this main theme I had this topic in my mind. I worked really hard with my team to make this project and there were many times of frustration throughout the process. At times like this I would lay back and take a deep breath but would almost instantly get up and start working again whether that be planning additional things to put on the board or finishing up writing or editing  information that would go on the board. After all the days of hard work things started coming together at the end and before we knew it, the board was done! Despite the information, we added a little pop-up book model representing one of the books that were published after his death that contained his mathematical work and discoveries. To conclude, I am satisfied with my work and look forward to the feedback!

-Roopashi Dagar