Life coaching is an important aspect of school life that not only helps students to overcome their weaknesses and fear, but also makes them enthusiastic about their life and dreams. A life coach assists the students to pursue and achieve their goals in life.

How coaching works with students/teenagers-an example

Life coaching in schools can give them a wonderful insight of the situation and the ways to work it out.

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I am sharing one of my most memorable encounters with my student that helped her decide for herself!

Here’s what happened:

One afternoon, I was in my office when I saw my student confused and emotional at the same time asked for help. An argument with a classmate had disturbed her and she was looking for some answers or maybe solace, so I decided to do a bit of coaching.

I started with the questions like:

“Tell me more.”

“What exactly happened between you and them? What else? And what else?”

“How would you reciprocate if you were in their position?”

“How was your friendship before?”

“What exactly could be the reason for this?”

“What piece of advice would you give to your best friend, if they were in your position?”

Her answers to the above questions laid out the whole scenario and its details became clear, I could see her thought wheels turning and reflecting.

After some silence, during which, she was processing the information that she had put on the table, then I said something like: “OK, so I am sure that you are going to work it out… You know best and keep me updated if you feel like. 

She took a deep breath, and replied, “Thank you so much mam.”

Indeed, she went, and she sorted everything by herself quite well.

I learned SO much from this encounter. Learning helpful skills and tools could be exactly what students need to get on track, without all the stress.

After this, when similar challenges would arise, she would try to ‘sort out’ or get the situation straight in her mind. 

And while this is an example of how things can play out at school, it’s applicable anywhere.

As coaches, we  can help our coachees make their own sense of the chaos, and then ‘throw’ the responsibility for making decisions back into their lap: we must always let them know we believe they’re “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole”.


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