Merry Christmas,

E veryone is cheering,

R eindeers are getting ready to take Santa,

R umbling and tumbling all over the streets,

Y awning and then looking inside your presents,

C hildren sleeping but waiting for Santa ,

H ohohoho, Merry Christmas…Cheered Santa ,

R olling in the snow ,

I ce is spreading ,

S now is falling,

T he sky is all white,

M ountain peaks are covered with white blankets of snow,

A mazing gifts from Santa,

S uper duper freezing cold…!!

Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas …!!

New Year Is Here :

Bells are ringing,

People are singing.

New year is here,

New year is here.

Happy,happy new year,

Happy, happy new year.

Let’s s all cheer ,

Let’s all cheer.

New Year’s here..!!

New Year’s  Here ….Woohoo..!! 2020