Tired of having a teacher nagging at you? Do you find it hard to be a fifteen year old student? Do any of you like having a teacher telling you what to do all the time?. Be a teacher!!!. I know… you are 15 and still at school… but … you can BE YOUR OWN TEACHER!!!.

Most of us do not like the idea of following what others tell us to do, and –quite frankly- perhaps you shouldn’t-. I am actually a school teacher and my advice is: don’t do what I tell you to do as if I was God. I am not perfect and I don’t know what is inside you. Listen to what I say and take it with a pinch of salt. Be your own teacher. Talk to yourself and tell yourself what to do.

First, decide what you would like for your own life. Would you like to be a waiter, a doctor, a criminal, a saint, a rich person? What is your aim? I hope that you will get a lot further in life than I did and further than you think you will. But for the time being, deciding what YOU want is one of the most powerful tools that you have. It is probably nothing to do with what I tell you, because you are unique, you are not me.

One of the biggest obstacles that students have in schools is a bad relationship with a nasty teacher. Because there are nasty teachers. Sometimes when a teacher treats a student badly, the student decides not to cooperate with him as a way to “hurt him”. Have you done that before? In the end that might hurt the teacher but that definitely affects the student negatively. So, go for what you want, go for your goal in life, don’t get stuck in a conflict with a teacher. Be your own teacher.

Would you like to have a go? Ok, let’s do this exercise: close your eyes… imagine that you are seeing yourself from outside … sitting at your desk in class…now you are the teacher! You walk in class and you see yourself studying. Now talk to yourself from “outside”. Tell yourself what to do, whatever it is, that is up to you. Most of us don’t like teachers telling us what to do. At the same time most people do not want to see what they do wrong themselves, and instead they see the defects in others. This drill a trick that will help you to accept criticism and move on when you feel stuck in a subject at school. Talk to yourself as if you were your own teacher.

Hey, us teachers are not perfect… don’t get annoyed with us or with the subject if we made mistakes. Be your teacher instead.



Disclaimer: These are the personal views of the author.

Picture Courtesy: Pexels.com