Interview with Charmi Koona

Our Own Kids E Magazine is proud to start its interview series (child) with its most favorite person. Yes, Charmi Koona, who has been continuously with OOKEM since it started 3 years ago. She wrote fiction & nonfiction, participated in magazine contests and had been an active member throughout. Now she studies in Bangalore, India. Luckily she is in Shanghai these days to spend her holidays with her parents who are in Shanghai. Do you want to know more about her? Lets read this conversation!

OOKEM: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?

Charmi: My name is Charmi koona. I recently turned 14 on December 20. I am studying grade 8 in Bangalore, India while living with my maternal grandparents, and I’m planning to finish my schooling in Bangalore, India. My mom, dad and brother still live in Shanghai, China

OOKEM: Can you also tell us about your new school in India?

Charmi: The school I go to in Bangalore is a IGCSE/IB school. We have a sprawling campus in the middle of a huge 30 acre organic farm. It’s one of the first green schools in India. There are about 500 students in the whole campus (kindergarten-12th). There are 30 students in grade 8 and it’s very entertaining and enriching to be around them. It’s easy for all kinds of students to fit in.

OOKEM: What do you miss the most while being there?

Charmi: I definitely miss my family and most of my friends I made. I miss the Chinese snacks here. I also miss the cold winters and the snow. The lifestyle is completely different compared to India but I managed to settle in.

OOKEM: When did you start writing?

Charmi: I remember I started writing in grade 2. In the beginning of the year, it was just a few sentences but my teacher, Mrs. Indhal, moulded me into journal writing. Since then, I have writen many types of stories, poems and also news articles.

OOKEM: What do you like to do for fun?

Charmi: In my free time, you will mostly find me with my phone talking to my friends or reading an article on yahoo. I also sketch and paint occasionally and read books. It has been a while since I write a story because of my school projects, but I will try writing a new story very soon once I finish my projects and presentations.


OOKEM: Tell us about a funny time in your life.

Charmi: Don’t know if this is funny, but it’s definitely a happy memory that happens almost everyday at school in India. The whole of grade 8 including me, always find a class to bunk and we go to the kids playground. Almost everyday a worker sees us jumping on the trampoline or hanging around on the slides……when they do find us, the workers chase us away while we run back to our classes.

OOKEM: What is your favourite thing to do? Why?

Charmi: My favourite thing to do is hanging around and making jokes with all my friends. I don’t know why, but they always make me forget about the stressful class projects or the mind twisting math problems our teachers give everyday. With them, there is always a new memory to make. I also like watching MARVEL movies, because it reminds me that anything is possible also because it’s funny.

OOKEM: What is the nicest thing you did for someone?

Charmi: Being a good friend.

OOKEM: What do you think you’ll be doing 10 years from now?

Charmi: I would probably be in my small apartment trying to finish the 20th book of my series. Or I would be correcting my students’ test papers. Or giving a patient a nice counselling on life.

OOKEM: What is one thing you want to learn how to do?

Charmi: I have always been a fan of jewellery, so I would like to learn how to make fashionable earrings and necklaces. I also love to eat so I would like to learn how to bake a cake or make cookies.

OOKEM: What is something that you wish for?

Charmi: I am a big fan of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, and I’ve learnt that a few of the main actors from MARVEL are resigning. Although it breaks my heart to see them leave, I wish MARVEL still lives on. I also wish that my future holds something interesting and successful for me and my family.

OOKEM: Do you have any advice for the kids of your age?

Charmi: Friends…..don’t fall into bad company and habits. Do things you love and don’t be shy to share your talents with the world. If you think of an idea, don’t hesitate to try…..and if you try, don’t stop until you succeed.

OOKEM: Thank you Charmi! Wish you all the best!

Charmi: My pleasure! Thank you OOKEM!